Compile "section type" based on "status"

Hi all,

Just to drop this idea that I thought would be useful on some (maybe rare) occasion:

A way to relate the section type when compiling to the status of the section/documents.
That way you could compile all “Revised Draft” sections but not “To Do”, or compile “First Draft” with some features and “Final Draft” with others, etc.

I’ve missed it doing some compilation of my PhD, where some sections are just a bunch of annotations. Of course I managed it manually with no problem, but it could be handy.


I think your wish has already come true. You can Filter what gets compiled by simple status:

You can get more sophisticated selectivity by creating Save Searches and combining that with this option:


Oh! That’s nice! I was looking for something alike but didn’t find it, great.

Anyway, it’s close to what I said but the real deal is to compile different status with different layouts, for instance, something I did: compile the “revised draft” and “first draft” with title and whole text but “in progress” or “to do” with just the title and the notes. That way all the sections are in place, present and counting, but those done are ready to read and those that aren’t they are there with some explanation, but not the whole mess of the in progress text.

I guess this could be helpful for fiction works also, just guessing tho.


Oh, I see. So, the Status would somehow determine what Section Layout a document was mapped to. So, your wish has not already been granted!

I wonder if something like this would work as a workaround:

  1. Suppose your project is set up so that for your finished compile you can let the section types be determined by structure.

  2. But now, you set up some custom Section Types anyway – and name them to correspond to the different Statuses.

  3. Now, forget about Status and just use the Section Type assignment in the Inspector the way you were using Status.

  4. You now have two compile strategies available to you with a single toggle – compile structure based or compile using the assigned types. Of course, you would have your compile set up to map those Section Types to section layouts appropriate to those statuses.

In short, maybe you can have what you want by simply using Section Types like you have been using Status.

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Hmmm. Except, contrary to my expectation, I am not seeing a way at compile to (non-destructively) toggle overall between using structure-based typing and assigned section types.

Now, it seems I have a wish, too. :face_with_monocle:

You could if cloning your draft/manuscript (and abusing headache medication), you’d have the one version intended to compile per binder structure use placeholders instead of a body text, pointing to the real document’s content.
I think it would work. But I haven’t given it much thought. And which I won’t. Just like I won’t test it. :wink:
May the fun be all yours. :grin:

[EDIT] I mean no offense, here. Just that it’d be utterly complicated.

That’s right, the change has to be manually for every section.

Anyway I was doing it that way and is not too complicated.
Mainly because probably you would compile based on status while working and compile base on structure (or so) when, or near to, finishing.

But would be nice to have a little table to match statuses with section designs and a toggle to override your structure based (even manual one) with the status based.
Just dreaming je je

No offense at al!

Actually, changing manually right now is quite more easy than doing all that, I guess :sweat_smile: