Compile -> Separators: Line

I would love the option to use a line as a separator, similar to (or exactly like, really) the line I see in Scrivenings mode. The trick would be figuring out how to do it in each output format, but I know it can be done in the ones I care about, at least (DOC, HTML, MOBI & EPUB), as I’ve done it from HTML source in Calibre (HTML’s

translates fine into DOC, MOBI & EPUB). I could provide output samples if desired.

Thanks for your consideration!

You could add an image using the <$img…> tag, at least with the latest beta.
All the best,

Strange thing when I compile - I can’t seem to get rid of the # # # in the Custom settings for separating scenes. Even if I delete them, then change to Single Line, say, those # # thingies show in ghostly greyed-out form in the Compile pane, and then reappear around the title names. Bizarre.

The hash marks around the title are coming from the title prefix and suffix, set in the Formatting pane, not the Separators. The greyed out text is just placeholder text, standard for text fields like this on OS X.