Compile Settings [moved or copied between projects]

Is there a way to move compile settings from one project to another? Can’t find the “Format As…” menu referenced below:

“Or, if you want to save your own presets, select “Manage Compile Format Presets” from the bottom of the “Format As” menu. That allows you to save and share your settings between projects.”

If you save your compile settings into “My Formats”, they are available to all projects, but you need to make sure your Section Types match and are assigned the same Section Layouts.

To me, the best way to do that was to create my own blank project template with all such things already set up and always start new projects from that.



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Also, you should check whatever you are using as a reference and see if there is a newer version somewhere. The description you found is talking about how version 2 worked, hence nothing really matching the software.

The documentation refers to copying formats between projects in §24.1.1, Project vs My Formats, where two different methods are given, middle of page 612.