Compile -- Styles Dropdown?

Hello all, new user here.

I’m attempting to compile to an e-book format. Tutorials I’ve read and watched (including the L&L video) use the Mac version, which apparently includes a drop down menu with different styles in the formatting section of the compile process.

I don’t see such an option in the Win version. I understand I can modify the formatting on a case-by-case basis, but do heading styles exist for compile in a different location? Or is this something yet to come to the Win version?

Also, what are the recommended dimensions for a cover for an e-book, both e-Pub and .mobi?

Many thanks. Great program. Thanks for porting it to Windows.

Styles are not implemented in the Windows version yet, but should be on the roadmap.

Thanks Stacey.

Is it possible in the meantime for someone to post the specifics of the styles available in the Mac version (font, size, etc) so that we could replicate them manually? I assume the styles represent generally accepted choices for headers, body text etc and it would be great to know what they are, even if we can’t have them with the ease of a drop-down menu.

The Formatting Presets (we don’t call them ‘styles’ because that insinuates a special class of feature in word processors which use a centralised stylesheet system, and these are more like format macros) on the Mac aren’t really designed for common output styles. They are really more focussed on editor formatting than output formatting, which is in most cases, totally up to the author and a personal choice. As such they are more meant to be provided in a capacity of demonstrating how the feature works, rather than dictating a best practice for typography.

But one nice thing about the Formatting pane in the compiler is that you don’t have to mess around with it too much. Presets, when you need them in the editor, are nice because they save a lot of time fiddling with font settings—but with compile settings you can just do that in one place, once, and the whole output updates to reflect the changes you make.