Compile summary displays incorrect quick font override

I have several custom compile formats in which I have selected a font for Quick Font Override.

Compile > All Options > Quick Font Override displays an incorrect Font. When the correct font is Courier, the summary tab displays Corbel, which is two fonts above Courier in my font list. When the correct font is Times New Roman, the summary tab displays Thonburi, which is two fonts above Times New Roman in my font list.

The problem seems to affect only the font name displayed in the Summary tab. The Quick Font Override tab in All Options displays the correct font name. Also, the preset appears to apply the correct font.

As far as I can tell, these steps will reproduce the bug in Scrivener 2.5:

  1. Select a quick override font.
  2. Save the compile preferences as a new preset.
  3. Apply a different compile preferences preset.
  4. Re-apply the new preset.

Yes - I have this too: I mentioned it in passing in the thread on Word Lag but didn’t realize that it had a formula - the font showing for me is also two fonts up on the list from the one I actually use.

Fixed for the next update, thanks - it’s caused by the extra two items at the top of the Summary font override menu, which I’d taken into account everywhere except in one line of code.