Compile Switches Focus with Multiple Open Projects

I’m running Scrivener 3.0.1 on a Mac Book Pro with High Sierra 10.13.2.

I have two projects (A and B) open in separate windows. When I compile in Project A, or open compile to check something like the meta-data, and then complete, the focus switches to Project B. I can get back to Project A from the Window selection on the menu bar.

It doesn’t happen if I have the project windows as merged tabs. Am I missing a setting somewhere?



There’s no setting for anything like this because this isn’t intended behaviour, and I’m not seeing anything like this myself. Also, I’m not even sure how it could happen, because projects know nothing about one another, so clicking on “Compile” has no way (in my own code) of bringing another project to the front. Does it happen when clicking on “Compile”, or when using a keyboard shortcut?

Keith: Thanks for the feedback.

Embarrassingly, I can’t recreate the issue today - either from the compile button or the short cut. The only change from yesterday is that I shut down and restarted the Mac - which shouldn’t have had any impact.

Please disregard and I’ll see about getting my eyes checked – :confused:


Very strange! Oh well, I’m glad it seems to have cleared up anyway.

All the best,