compile, table of contents

When I compile, does the front matter not automatically generate a table of contents?

What format are you compiling to? Only the epub formats have automatic Table of Contents generators. See Chapter 22 in the Scrivener 3 manual for more information.


I was trying to compile to PDF, at the client’s request.

I think this would be less frustrating if I understood the logic behind not having an auto-generated table of contents on PDF compiled document, or all the formats for that matter.

I just don’t get why it’s left out. What would it hurt to have it? Those of us who don’t want it could simply uncheck that box when compiling.

As it is, I have to manually create a table of contents and insert it as a file in order for it to appear. Seems odd to me.

I think the difference is that ebooks generate HTML anyway, so the information needed for a table of contents is already right there. With the other formats, the ToC information isn’t necessarily contained within the output file.