Compile/Template Question

I searched the forum and was unable to find an answer, I am sure it an easy fix.

I used the non-fiction template to write my book. Now that I am compiling (ebook, kindle) I get
“Chapter 1 - Introduction” “Chapter 2 - Step One” etc.

How can I remove the Chapter One and just have the Introduction, Step I, etc.?

I am guessing I need to rename the original folders in the template? If so, how?


Hey Paul

On a Mac, the setting is changed in Compile > Formatting > Section Layout … and then editing the Prefix box as needed.

Assume it will be similar in Windows, but don’t know for sure.



Thanks Briar, that was it, and it was as simple as I thought it was going to be.

I learned an old adage a long time ago: The harder it is the to find the solution, the simpler the solution is.

Thanks Paul :smiley:


I’m looking for the simple solution for selling a million copies of my novel. :smiley:

Good luck