Compile Text Size Problem

I have been writing up a storm on Scrivener and the writing is going great. But every time I try to compile and print I get the same size text that I am writing in; very large. I understand, theoretically that even though I am writing in Georgia 18, I can print in Times New Roman 12.

Theoretically, I say. I have spent hours messing around with the compile settings, I must have tried a hundred different settings, shooting in the dark in the Section Layouts window: Chapter Number and Text, Heading, Text Section with Heading, Text Section, New Page, all to no avail. My printouts always come out in Georgia 18.

A workaround might be to go through every chapter and change the text to Times New Roman … but I can’t believe that is the best solution to my printing problems.

Can anyone give me a clue where I might be going wrong?

Wow! This is about the knottiest problem I have ever run into. More than a week now. I reread the tutorial all the way through today. Awkward at first, the compile format now make perfect sense to me.
The problem is that my printouts always end up in Georgia 18 no matter what I do. Big waste of paper.
I am now defining my section types and section layouts like a pro (Ha!). I have created a custom compile format using Courier 9 single spaced. Everything looks good in the middle section layouts pane, it’s definitely Courier 9, and I go to compile and view the results in preview, and there it is again. It never changes. It’s always Georgia 18.
What am I missing?

Have you checked that “Override text and notes formatting” is on?

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-01-02 at 22.15.53.png[/attachment]


Hey Mark,

I have tried checking that box and unchecking it multiple times. Doesn’t seem to make any difference.
I finally decided to start a whole new project and copy all the chapters from the old one. That seems to be working for me. I never did figure out why the first project wouldn’t budge from Georgia 18.
Thanks for your input.

Were you using a body style? It’s hard to be sure without looking at the project, but that’s one of the only things I can think of that would cause the “override” setting to be ignored.

(You could also be changing the formatting for the wrong Section Layout, I guess. And if you’re compiling to an ebook format, the reader software can override whatever the author chooses.)