Compile to AZW3 format

Hi, I’m trying to compile to an Kindle AZW3 format. Two issues:

  1. There is no option to compile to AZW3. The available option is Mobi.
  2. For compiling to Mobi, the compiler asks me to download KindleGen but it has been discontinued. I downloaded and installed Kindle Previewer and pointed the compiler to the installed location as asked. Seemed to work but the compiler throws an error at the end and no file is generated.

Workaround: Compile to epub and use Calibre to convert it to AZW3.
Question: Is there a way to directly compile to AZW3 from within Scrivener (without using another software such as Calibre)?

If it’s not listed in the Compile options, no. However, if the AZW3 format is based on another, there may be ways to make it happen. It may be easier to output to epub, and then use one of the various conversion programs.