Compile to Double Space

  1. Draft text single space, proportional font.
  2. Need to compile to double space courier.
  3. Click on “Compile.”
  4. Double click on “Section layouts”
  5. Click on “override text and notes formatting”
  6. Click on font symbol (Aa).
  7. Assign courier font.
  8. Section layouts changes to courier.
  9. Click on “1.0” and change to “2”
    10 Compile.

Result is courier, single spaced text.

  1. Repeat step 9. No change.
  2. Cancel compile
  3. Open text, ctrl-A, select 2.0 line spacing in editor.
  4. Open compile.
  5. Double click on text pane.
  6. change line spacing to 2.0
  7. Compile

Result is still single spaced.

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t see any way to upload screenshots.

What is the file type you are selecting when compiling? Without instructions, the result here would be a print preview window, and all of that works fine for me.

pdf or docx.

Is there any way to post screenshots?

Yeah, I’ve got zero problems with any format that supports line-height, using this checklist. The general purpose upload button is in the formatting toolbar, left of lists. To demonstrate use of it, here is my test project, which may be a more informative way to transfer complex information than screenshots in this scenario: (43.1 KB)

Maybe take a look and see if anything is different.

Looks the same.00000

Given the appearance of the title line, and the fact that the format bar is disabled (meaning only the first line is reporting data), it looks to me like you’ve double-spaced the title but not the paragraph text.

That was it, but now courier is no longer the font. I’ll start over.
I’ve gone through the tutorial, but…
compile used to be easy
I know it’s supposed to be easier
but it’s just not intuitive.

Nothing about this has changed from v2. You’ve always had to select different elements within the Formatting tab, and each element can have its own font, line height and other settings.