Compile to IBA - No Output

I’m trying to compile to IBA using Scriv 2.3.1 Mac on Mountain Lion.
When I compile, I get a folder, but no docx files in that folder.
I’ve tried compiling other output types such as PDF and Print to ensure my content selection is correct, and I get the right output, properly broken up by page break (which should translate to chapter breaks for my IBA output).
Feels like I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t figure out what it is.


2012-10-27 08:33:06.130 Scrivener[4084:e903] [QL] Can’t get plugin bundle info at [file://localhost/Applications/iBooks%20 … generator/](file://localhost/Applications/

Further analysis:

  1. I downloaded the latest iBooksAuthor updates a few days ago, so perhaps that’s related.
  2. The file Scrivener is looking for is iBooksAuthorQL.qlgenerator/ but the file present in the directory is iBooksAuthor.qlgenerator/ Perhaps the name was changed by Apple.

I tried on a different Mac and I don’t see that log message, but the compilation still doesn’t produce a document. (The log file is blank.)

Anyone else having problems compiling to the iBooksAuthor output?

That log message is a red herring - that is simply saying that iBook Author’s Quick Look generator isn’t working, which has nothing to do with Scrivener or with compile. Do you have an .ibooks file inside Scrivener at all? Scrivener calls on Quick Look to display previews of files it doesn’t normally recognise, so the log error suggests that Scrivener was trying to show a preview of a file you have imported.

As for compile not resulting in any files, sorry to ask the obvious, but are you sure your compile settings are set up such that there is anything to export? Is the “text” selected for inclusion in the “Formatting” pane, are there documents with content ticked for inclusion in the “Contents” pane, and is the compile group in “Contents” set correctly? (Could you post a screenshot of the “Contents” pane if you aren’t sure?)

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Keith, thanks for the response.

I am certain there is content selected because if I change the Compile For… dropdown to anything else, I get compiled output. But with the iBooks Author Chapters, I get nothing.

Note that I’m just using the basic Novel template as an example, and I’ve only added a Chapter folder and corresponding scene document so that I’d have two Chapters.

I have attached two pictures, one showing the main binder window and one the Compile view.

Thanks again.

Sorry, to answer your other question, no I don’t have an iBooks file embedded. As you said, it’s likely a red herring; I saw it once, but never again. At this point, there are no errors or other information logged to the console.

I never resolved this issue, but given that other folks don’t seem to have run into it, I’ll assume it’s something local to my machines.