Compile to Open Office page break issue


I’m compiling an ODT file for Open Office. When I open the file in Open Office, whenever I included a page break in the compile (“before this file”) it has changed to a new Page Style, called MasterPage1, MasterPage2, etc. This means I can’t select all my text at once, as well as being awkward in other ways.

Any tips?


(p.s. I love the software. Especially the playing with compiling, it’s an excellent distraction from writing.)

You are probably making use of the <$sectiontitle> placeholder tag somewhere in the headers or footers, within the Page Settings compile option pane (be sure to check all tabs within that pane). It is impossible to change the header or footer of the document without inserting a section break, so the page breaks are converted to section breaks internally when it is necessary to do so. Removing the token should put everything into the same default page style (but then of course you’ll have one single header style throughout the entire book).

As for selecting all text, I think that is just how Libre/OpenOffice works if you select once. When I press Cmd-A I get all of the text of that section selected, and when I press it a second time, the entire document across sections is selected. You just have to select-all in stages, from what I see, but there may be a preference somewhere that governs that behaviour. As I say, using section breaks is entirely normal and necessary under certain conditions, so I’d imagine they would try to make working around them as easy as possible.

Glad to hear the software is proving fun to play with as well as write in. :slight_smile: