Compile To Remove Paragraph Space

I wrote my ms with a hard return between paragraphs (e.g. an empty line). I would like to remove that via the compile process if possible, but can’t seem to find a way. I tried line spacing and Replacements with Option + CR twice however neither one removes the extra line.

Any advice would be appreciated

What type of break is it? When you turn on Format/Options/Show Invisibles, do you see two pilcrow symbols, or two linefeed symbols, or maybe a combination of the two? You could also try selecting the blank space in an editor—it’s easiest to put your cursor at the beginning of one paragraph, and then Shift-LeftArrow however many times you need to do so to get to the end of the prior paragraph—then copy and paste that into the Replacements pane. Replace it with an Opt-Return.

Ah thanks that helped. I copied both paragraph marks and did a replacement with a single one. Only failed in once case where I had an extra space before one of the paragraphs.