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I’m trying to create a template for my college work. They require exactly 24 pt line spacing for paragraphs. They also require 24 pt leading before a section title and 12 pt after the title. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but when I compile, Word indicates the line spacing is ‘Double Space.’ Whether or not I use the formatting in the editor or choose ‘Override text and notes formatting’ in the compile dialogue. Any ideas?

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Thanks for the link. I have tried using those methods to set the size to ‘Exactly 24pt,’ but when it gets compiled in Word, it shows as ‘Double’ spacing and not as ‘Exactly 24pt,’ which is the requirement for the paper I’m writing. Apparently, according to Word, ‘Double Space’ is larger than ‘Exactly 24pt.’

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From BRENNUS390: Thank you for the link. I’ve been making modifications as indicated in the link but when the paper is compiled into Word.docx, it shows line spacing as ‘Double’ instead of ‘Exactly 24.0 pt.’ Aside from manual changes after the paper is compiled is there a way to compile so that the compiled version indicates line spacing as exactly 24 pt?
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