Compile to Word .docx produces blank document

When I compile a short Scrivener document to Word I get a .docx document that is almost empty apart from the header and a separator.

The document contains just one section. I’m using the default Manuscript (Times) format, and I’ve assigned a section layout to the Section type. I don’t understand why I’m getting a mainly blank document - can you help?

I’m using Scrivener 3.2.1.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 15.42.31.png[/attachment]

In the right hand pane of the main Compile screen, instead of choosing “Current Selection” in the dropdown menu, try choosing the whole Draft folder. Then check just the file you want to Compile. Does that give better results?


Ok, I changed the selection to the Draft folder. Initially every item in there was ticked, so I unticked all of them except the section I want to compile. Compiling produced a Word doc with many other sections in it - but not the one I ticked!

I really don’t understand what’s going on here.

Also check the filter settings, the highlighted funnel icon to the right of where you switch between current selection and the whole document. I suspect you may have some settings in there that are changing how things export—in particular whether to export checked items or not.

Thanks, that was it. It was set to compile excluded documents - which explains the blank output to begin with. I have no recollection of setting that filter - but I won’t forget about it in future.

Thanks for the help.

ME TOO. Using Scrivener 3.2.2 under Mac OS 10.14.6. I am having the same problem. I checked the filter and set it to include all; I checked all the sections. (Screenshot attached.) What I see when I open the document in Word is blank sheets, but the number of pages and the number of words appears in the status bar at the bottom. Any ideas?

Try selecting some text. It sounds like you may have white text on a white background.

I tried that; also changing the color of the font. No luck. I’m at my wit’s end; I really need this document! I’m going to try exporting it as an RTF.

Problem is the updated version of Word, it seems; I was able to see the document in an older version of Word on my laptop. New problem is that I am apparently doing something wrong in the Compile process, as every subdoc comes out as a separate document or folder. How do I fix that?