Compile - Unable to Double Space

Hello, I’m using Version 1.9.16 for Windows. I have searched this topic but nothing I’m doing is helping. I have text in my folders which is Palatino double-spaced. I have changed the font and line spacing under the compiler/formatting tab for all levels and have checked “Override,” but every time I compile it all remains single-spaced. In addition, each chapter says Chapter One on the first line then the title on the second line. How can I format it so that only the chapter title shows in the compile, not the CHAPTER ONE heading? Thanks for your help.

Sorry, I forgot to add that I’m trying to export to Open Office format. On further checking, I have been able to get it to work in PDF and .doc formats so at least that works. Also, please disregard my question about removing the CHAPTER ONE. I found the option for that. Thanks.