compile with chapter titles

Doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I cannot get the Title of my chapter to compile. I was removing the words Chapter 1, etc from this compile, but I definitely want the Chapter Title to show up without the chapter number. So from Section layout on the prefix and suffix, I deleted all string tags. My title box is checked on formatting which should automatically make my title show up in the beginning of each chapter. Help!

When you select one of the rows in the Formatting pane that you believe is responsible for adding titles to the compiled output, do your chapters get highlighted in yellow in the binder? If not, then you’re modifying the wrong row.

Help appreciated.

I have the same problem. The chapter titles show in the compile preview pane, but are missing after compiled when viewed in the Amazon Kindle Previewer. I successfully compiled my kindle ebook several times in a January.

In formatting, I ticked title and text for the selected section that turns my chapters yellow. I’m at a loss.