Compile with mixed fonts

When Compiling, you can set the formatting for an overall font for the whole document. How do you do the following?

Within a single particular text, you have:

Blah blah blah in Optima 14 point

bleep bleep bleep in Courier 12 point

Blab blab blab in Optima 14 point

Compile so that all the Optima 14 becomes Times New Roman 12 while leaving the Courier alone (or making the Courier something else but not Times New Roman 12).

Is the only solution to this to change the fonts in the actual document (to Times New Roman and Courier), then Compile with the As Is checked?

This is a good use for the Preserve Formatting command (Format -> Formatting -> Preserve Formatting).

You could also break the Courier text out to a separate sub-document on a different outline level.


Assuming this is continuous text, I’ve always found Preserve Formatting the most efficient solution.


I knew it would be something simple. I had heard of Preserve Formatting, but it was not in the tutorials as I recall. So much is in this app, it’s hard to find everything.

Preserve Formatting will do the trick just fine. Thanks for the quick answer.

This app rocks!