Compile without line breaks?

I would like to compile my document without single line breaks - is that possible? My problem is this: I prefer writing in very short sections, some only a sentence or two. Typically, I write 10-15 small sections and group them together in folders. After compilation, I want the folder to be one section, containing all the smaller sections without any line breaks between them. Like this:

In Scrivener I want them to look like this:
[b]Folder 1:

Folder 2;

And then, after compilation, like this:
[b]A B C

D E F[/b]

Does anyone know how I could achieve this? So far I’ve just deleted a lot of line breaks manually, and it would be really nice to have it done automatically.

Use a Section Layout with the “Single Return” separator.

No, it isn’t possible to have less spacing than that. You can’t merge paragraphs across a section boundary.

– Katherine

Ok, sorry to hear that but understandable. Thanks for answering!

If I wanted to do this, for each line that I would want in the end document to be without a line break, I’d end the line with a (combination of) symbol(s) that wouldn’t otherwise occur, then I’d open the file in my wordprocessor and replace the symbol(s)+line break with a space. So

Folder 1

Folder 2

Then in my WP I’d do the search for @@¶ (though of course, rather than the pilcrow glyph it should be a return … \n in RegEx) and replace it with a space.


Maybe my problem is giving a hint:
Since few days all my compiles are WITHOUT BREAKS however I try to change my outputs!
Can you imagine a book having all dialogs quenched into a unique paragraf block?
This is what happens in my case. Scrivener has become, at this point, absolutely useless!
Very puzzling!