Compile woes (I'm having difficulty starting on a recto page)

I’ll attempt to keep this brief period I added a section to an existing project. Throughout the project, when a section ends on a recto page, I was able to start the next section on the next recto page (leaving a verso page blank). I can’t figure out why this last section starts immediately after on the following verso page. I spent all day yesterday trying different things without any luck. I apologize for all the attachments, I’m in the dark.

Windows user here, we don’t have that setting. [Brainstorming → ]
But I think you should try checking the "Start next section on : " setting, visible in your compile format screenshot. (Dead center, at the bottom.) Especially for the layout your “Part” section type goes through, if it so happens that your problematic segment comes right after it.

Or see if it ain’t the opposite : the layout that is last just before having it checked, but giving the wrong instruction ?

[EDIT] After staring at your documents list, I not so sure about what I wrote above. But I’ll leave it anyways, in case.

Another idea : perhaps it is a bug. Try adding a dummy document after it. It is the last one, right ?

And another : you say you just added this doc to your project… → from elsewhere ? If so, then maybe some hidden formatting is throwing things off.
Perhaps try duplicating that document. Exclude the original from compile.
Now, in the duplicate (which should be marked as included in compile), select all text and cut it. Then paste it back using Paste and Match style (Edit menu).
This will remove all formatting.
Try compiling.
If the issue is fixed, it means the problem is with your document.
You can reformat the duplicate properly and your issue will be solved. And don’t use the original no more.

You may also give the “Zap Gremlin” feature a go. (It is a real thing. I am not joking. But I don’t know under which menu it is – the windows version doesn’t have that either.)
My best guess would be under Edit/Text Tidying.

Another idea : You could make that faulty document be two pages (or more, whatever) by tricking the app, inserting a page break at the top of it. (Blank line, then page break.) [ ← That’d be the “I fixed it with gaffer tape” version of a solution. (If it doesn’t mess up an hypothetical TOC.)]

And last, and far from the least : you could contact LL directly through their website. They could potentially look at your project and see what’s up with it.

Best of luck.

Thanks, Vincent. I appreciate your suggestions. I thought it might be something to do with the added section. I’m going to retype it fresh. I also ran zap gremlins just for the heck of it. I’ll go through all your recommendations one by one, keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.

No need.
Simply go with → select all text, cut, Paste and Match Style.
You may even paste it back in a brand new document, for good measure.
(Just don’t ditch the source document for no reason. For now, if you paste the text in a new doc, simply exclude the original from compile.)
Move it, say, to the research folder, to be sure it ain’t messing anything up, but keep it as a reference, since you’ve formatted it and all.

[EDIT] As a matter of fact, before duplicating or redoing anything, the first thing you should try is a compile without that new document, and see if it works.
If the problem persists — having cascaded to the document originally after it —, then that means that the problem is actually with the document (or section layout) that is/was just before it.

thanks! will do.
Again, I appreciate your help.

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