I have no idea how this works. I have no idea how to make the software use Folder names for chapter headings. I had to stumble around and figure out you had to make a copy of a format. Even in the formatting tab, none of it makes a lick of sense to me. And all the online material in all the blogs is pretty much for Scrivener 2, and is irrelevant.

So what path do I take to figure out how to use this thing? Right now it is an absolute and baffling mystery.

I want to spend exactly five minutes learning about this. If it will take longer, just tell me and I’ll back to Word.

For the five minute version, open the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu, and go to the section about getting your work out.

For a slightly longer version, look at our video tutorials, here: … s?os=macOS
and scroll down to the section on getting your work out.