Compiled .mobi not allowing share of notes

When reading the .mobi file on Kindle app via iPhone, there is no icon for sharing notes, like there is for a book purchased from Amazon.

I have teenage beta readers that will read on phone and I want to gather their notes/feedback. I have yet to test the file on a Kindle or other devices using the Kindle app. If the problem will persist there too, I would like to know.

Kindle app is updated to latest. I can record notes and highlights, I simply can’t share those notes.

Thank you,

KindleGen produces a .mobi file that is optimised for upload to KDP, not one that is optimised for loading directly onto devices as a formal book—and that is especially the case with iOS devices. Using the procedure described in that post, the converted .azk file should act more like a normal book on iOS (and you may notice improvements to the formatting, iOS reader is a bit wonky in that it doesn’t work like any other Kindle reader), but even so it won’t of course be hooked up with the whole “WhisperNet” thing, which may be how this sharing bit works—I don’t really know anything about that, I’ve never tried to share my notes.