Compiled PDF setting: Data Extraction Allowed vs Not Allowed?

I want my compiled PDF to allow data extraction so I can use a Python script to build a Scripture index from my PDF, but Scrivener’s compiler defaults to “Data Extraction: Not Allowed” in the PDF properties. Is there a way to change this in Scrivener for Windows?

Since you’re creating the PDF, why not just Compile to a text-based format instead/in addition?

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Thank you for your reply.

Since pagination is key to building an index, exporting as text defeats the purpose since the text file is not paginated. Even if it were, best practice (to avoid error) is to build an index from the working document instead of a differently formatted one. For various reasons, I have chosen to use PDF.

It appears that Scrivener is simply not compatible with my approach unless the (one line of?) code in Scrivener is changed that can set this parameter to “Data Extraction: Allowed.”

UPDATE! I got a trial subscription to Adobe Actobat Pro, which successfully set “Data Extraction: Allowed.” Even after cancelling my trial subscription, now the PDF’s compiled by Scrivener are set to “Data Extraction: Allowed.”

My immediate problem is solved, even if I don’t understand why. Thanks.

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Was probably a system setting then (not something Scrivener specifically was doing), and Acrobat changed that setting somewhere. (A theory.)