Compiled to Word, how to have Footnote superscript number a different size?

Hello all,

Hoping someone can point me to that ‘one’ button to fix this, and that its not something far messier.

When I compile my inline footnotes into Word, the footnote font size etc., is all correct.
But in the main text, where the rest of my words are Arial 12pt, the superscript footnote number (that follows a sentence) is also size 12, and needs to be size 10.

Any suggestions on what might be causing this/where this can be set?

Select all and copy from your Word doc. Now, start a New word doc and paste into it. This new doc will use your preferred settings as reflected in Word’s Normal template. (The Word doc you got out of Scrivs compile does not.) This then may put things to rights by your lights.

(Working from memory here:) Alternatively, if you carefully select one of these in-text footnote numbers, I think you will find they have a Footnote Reference style applied to them. If that is right, then all you need to do is alter the Style settings for that style and that should change the appearance for all.

Word should automatically resize superscripted footnote numbers. What format are you exporting to? Are you using the .doc or .docx format, or RTF to create your Word document?

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Hi Keith,

I am/have always compiled into Word’s .docx format.
I’m not sure if this behaviour is new - to be honest, wasn’t something I focused on, but noticed it by chance in last week.

Many thanks for the suggestions. Tried the above, no joy.

Think there might be issues with my Template settting, though. In unrelated efforts involving my creating/saving user-generated ‘styles’, they never get stored, and I always need to redo them when I new document is opened/created.

I played around with the above. The Style Pane confirmed it was simply seeing the Footnote ‘identifier/number’ as a normal style. I did however allow me to “select all”, which I did, and then reduced the font size to 10 for all of them.

So yes, the above certainly will do the trick as a workaround, but the ideal would be were it not to happen in the first place.
Regardless, thanks for the tip!

Given that I cannot reproduce this, could you possibly attach a sample project (zipped up) that demonstrates the issue?

Thanks and all the best,

I’m managed to reproduce (and fix) this issue when exporting multiple documents to Word format, but not when compiling (which uses different settings and should be fixing superscripts correctly). If you have any more information on this, or a sample project I can look at, that would be very helpful.

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Word Tip: Sounds like you are creating your Word styles only for that document. You must either create the styles in the Normal template itself or use the Styles… Organizer to move your created styles to the Normal template .