[Compiler Bug] Formatting and listing of formats for last item off by one

List indexes in the code seem to be off by one.

When I go to assign section formats the last one is listed AS -IS. It never previews the format.
And if I use it. I get As-Is formatting.

Example my last two formats are
Scene - Shows formatting
Stuff - says AS IS

So I assigned my scene sections to my Scene" format.
Except the changes I make in Scene format seemed take effect.
Then I noticed that even though I assigned scene section types get the “Scene” formatting I created. In compile format editing it shows that “Stuff is assigned to Scene” The list is off by one some place.

So I assign Scene, (second from bottom) to my scenes section type)
But when I edit formatting I change format in Stuff formatting instead.!!! And it takes.

Could you clarify this for me?

If I understand you correctly, the issue is that you assign one section layout to a section type, but upon compiling receive the formatting from another section layout. Is that what you are saying? Or are you saying that the section layout you assign is forgotten and reset to something else?