Compiler Changing Writing

For the lack of a better header.

Anyway every time I try to compile my work it take my english and changing it. Here’s an example:

The original:

Dear Shingo,

Mom used to always tell us not rush things and let things comes as they will right? I never quiet understood the logic behind that until today…

The Compiled version:

Dnxz Shmngq,

Mqm bsnd tq xtwxys tntt bs nqt zbsh thmngs xnd tnt thmngs yqmns xs thny wmtt zmght? m nnvnz qbmnt bndnzstqqd thn tqgmy bnhmnd thxt bntmt tqdxy…

I tried troubleshooting it myself but can’t seem to find the thing that is causing it.

Were you using the NaNo obfuscation compile preset? Check your Replacements compile option panel, and if you see a bunch of one-letter replacements, delete them.