Compiler Configuration Binder Nodes

I’m a fairly new user, on the Windows side. I’ve seen a few questions posted about saving compiler configurations, and I understand how to do this. I think it would be a powerful addition to this marvelous tool, if there was a binder node type for “Compiler Configuration”. This would allow for multiple project-specific compile presets ready to go. Actually, given the power of Scrivener, I was very surprised that this feature doesn’t exist already. Here’s how I imagine it… Selecting a configuration would be the equivalent of selecting the compiler button, but with specific presets, including which document sections are selected and overrides for the page-break, as-is, etc… fully configured and ready to go. Upon creation of the node, the settings would be whatever the global compile configuration is at the time. Any change made while the compiler dialog was opened (when opened via a node) would be saved to that node only. The compiler button should have the settings of the last node used.

Thanks for the feedback! There will be considerable changes made to compiling in general, for the next major update, so specifically speaking much of what you’re reacting to won’t even be around to improve. But on the whole, much of what you’ve highlighted here will be built into the concept of how the compiler panel is used. I can say none of this will be initiated from the Binder however, but rather as an augmented and more streamlined way of using the compile pane. Or maybe to put it another way: imagine if the compiler had its own “binder” of presets, both in and out of the project, and switching between them were as easy as clicking on documents in the binder.