Compiler: is there an easy way to reset it back to default?

I’m getting to grips with the Compiler, and have messed around with various settings.

Can I put it back to the way I found it when I first installed?

Thanks in advance.

If you started with a template, there will always be the option in the compile Format As menu, at the very top, to reset settings back to the way they were when the template was saved. Going a bit further than that, the “Original” preset is the closest thing there is to a “default”. It’s very bare bones, no titles, no reformatting, and thus is an excellent base to start from if the regular presets do not work for you.

Thanks, Amber.

I’d misunderstood the concept that the choices under Format As put back all the ticks, suffix tags etc to how they were.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Yes, with the important exception of project specific stuff, such as any meta-data you may have entered, the Contents pane, and a few other spots.