Compiler removes italics and bold font for PDF

I’m using Scrivener for Windows. Every time I compile to a PDF italics and bold fonts are removed, so that I only have a standard text.
I have tried several fonts - but I encounter the same problem here. I’m currently using Times New Roman.
Do I have to convert something here? Do I have to check a box in the compile settings or in the project format I use?

There is a checkbox in the Transformations tab for converting Italics to underlines, but not for stripping out formatting. Did you use the default No Style in the Main Editor, or did you apply a paragraph style to your body text? And what Format are you using for Compiling?

I’ve used a style - removing the style fixed my problem, but doing so will give another problem: I have quotes with italics in the “Block Quote” style to set them in a correct formatting. If I try to set the formatting manually with the ruler and thus not in the compiler for the start, the Indent jumps to the right - therefore I can’t set it here.
I’m edited the “Modern Copy” format to fit my academic purposes.

Paragraph styles work best in Scrivener when used sparingly. If you change the body text to No Style and leave the Block Quotes styled as-is, does that produce the Compiled output you want? I’d test it with one or two document first to see how it goes.