Compiling a pdf for upload as a paperback to KDP

Good afternoon to you all.
I have created an epub via Scrivener 3.2.3 that I used to upload to KDP for my digital book. Other than a minor hiccup kindly sorted by Amber (thank you so much), this process was very easy.
I now need to upload a pdf to KDP which will be translated into a paperback by Amazon and I could really use some help, please. Are there some standard settings/template that I can use? Each chapter has a title and the pdf I’m currently compiling is not recognising this. If anyone could just point me to the resources that might point me in the right direction to achieve a pdf fit for purpose, I would be extremely grateful.
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

Perhaps the supplied Paperback compile format?

Make sure you assign a Section Layout that incorporates the chapter titles.

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Thank you, but isn’t the Paperback compile format a printer output and not a pdf file?

Formats (by and large, there some more advanced exceptions when you get into plain-text file automation) do not determine the type of file you get, but how that file is formatted. We can export an RTF using paperback, or submission manuscript formatting, etc. What type of file you get is changed at the very top of the compile overview window, and it may determine which formats you see, as not all of them will be appropriate for every type of file. “Ebook” would be meaningless as an HTML file, for example, and “Modern” wouldn’t do anything special in a .txt file.

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Why not both?

Scrivener’s “printer” formats work by generating a PDF file.

And yes, as AmberV said, you could use the same format to generate an RTF or Word file as well.

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I use the same format for PDF, DOCX, RTF, and ePub, first perfecting it in PDF compiles. If it takes more than one format, you’re not doing it right in my opinion.

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No argument there, @kewms.

Do you copy your settings from your pdf setup to create your additional formats? I.e. after perfecting your pdf, how do you create your docs or ePub?

Thanks, Max.

I compile all exports with the same format. No copying required.