Compiling an Outline with Total Target Metadata

Hi there,

I an making an Outline format for compiling an outline of my PhD. How do I include the Total Target data from the outliner in the meta data for each chapter.

So, I would like to add the data in the red box to the meta data that I print out for each section,

The suffix of My current Chapter outline format looks like,

As you can see I am, not using the Tickbox for adding the Metadata, But, if there was a way to modify this metadata, such that I can get the “total Target” included in it, then that would be ideal. Otherwise is there a placeholder that I can use to extract this information,

To be clear, I need the aggregate Word count Target of all the sub-documents in my chapter. Not just the Word count target of the current chapter, which I get if I use <$docTarget>

Thanks for your help,

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