compiling and exporting to Kendle mobi (formatting lost)


I’m having a problem with my mobi export (Scrivener 2.0.5). NOTE: This is my first time compiling to Mobi.

After spending all day trying to find a solution, I’ve decided to see if anyone else knows that answer.

*** 2 Pieces are part of the compiled project: Short story and image file
*** Short Story uses Times New Roman 12 for everything except title. Title is size 14 bold.

Under compile, in Contents, I check the boxes “As Is”

Problem: The end product ( looks fine (cover image, text, italics. etc.), except that I’ve lost the Bold and Larger Font size for the title.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Hi, and welcome to the forums!

The difficulty is that the Kindle overrides your font settings and sizes. Rather than including the title in the document, you want to add it as a separate element during compile so that you can format it with a header style, which the Kindle will recognize.

This may be a little different depending how you have your story broken up.

If it’s in a single document:

  1. Make sure that the title of your document in the binder is the actual title you want to appear when you compile.*
  2. Deselect “compile as-is”.
  3. In the Formatting pane of compile, check the box to include the document’s “title” as well as the text.
  4. In the sample display, click in the title line and apply a heading number (select from the drop-down box to the right of “Title Settings…”).

If your story is made up of multiple documents:

  1. Put them all into a folder or document group and then title that container with the title as you want it to appear.
  2. Check to include the container in compile and deselect “compile as-is” if it is selected.
  3. In the Formatting pane, check the box in the “title” column for that container type.
  4. Format the title as in step 4 above.
  • Alternatively, you can use the “Title Settings…” button in the Formatting pane to add a prefix, which you can use in place of the document title–in that case, don’t check the box to include the title, as the prefix will always be added anyway (as long as the document is not set to compile as-is). You can format the prefix as you would the title.

Thanks for the rapid response!

Based on your information I was able (after a little tinkering) to successfully create the mobi file I wanted.

Thanks again.