Compiling confusion!

Greetings all!

I’m trying to put together a 3-chapter sample with bio and synopsis for a “Speed Date with a Publisher” event at a conference. I want my compiled piece to have the following formatting:

  • Manuscript format (Courier, 12pt, double-spaced)
  • Title page separate from the first page of the sample
  • Bio on new page
  • Synopsis on new page

I can’t seem to get ALL of them to work at once. The one I can’t get (while getting all the rest) is the Title Page on its own page. The one time I did get that, the rest was wrong – and I’ve tried so many things, I can’t remember what I did to get that part to work.

I have a collection which has the pieces I want from my project:

Here’s the compiler’s Contents section:

And the compiler’s Formatting section:

I think those are the only panes where I have made changes. What am I doing wrong?


Have you tried checking the “Front Matter” check box, and selecting the Title Page document in the drop-down list next to it in the Compile window’s Contents pane?

Yes, I did. However, with a fresh eye, I sat down and rechecked the reference article I’d used to set up my collection… and noticed that my chapter folders weren’t actually folders… And that meant the formatting wasn’t catching the folder/file separator.

I finally got the whole thing to compile right. :slight_smile: Thank you!