Compiling - exported text has repeating images

I have 20 short chapters in Scrivener. Some of this chapters has images - inserted via Windows clipboard.
In Scrivener all things looks alright. As soon as I compile Draft with the 20 chapters the exported file (Word, PDF or preview - all the same) repeats the last 2 images in the last chapter in the others chapters. Means: the correct images in chap 3, chap 7, chap 10 and so on are vanished and substituted by images from chap 19 … What to do???

This can happen if the images were originally identically named. For example if you have a photograph called “Untitled.png”, and a chart named “Untitled.png” and drag them both into the draft at different points, the last copy is will end up being the one used to for all of the places in which “Untitled.png” was slated to be displayed. So what I would do is check your original figures, rename them if necessary to be more informative/distinct, and then drag them in again, replacing the ones you have now.