compiling footnotes

This question is elementary, but I can’t figure it out: When I compile, my footnotes do not appear. I compile as RTF, then shift to Word. I have the notes doc checked as something to compile. What am I missing?


How are you opening the document? Are you opening Word and then going to File > Open…? If you just double-click on RTF documents they may open in TextEdit, which doesn’t support footnotes, so to get them into Word you need to open Word and use File > Open…

If that’s not the issue, could you please give more details about what you are doing?


Dear Not Kevin,

That worked! I was downloading it as an RTF, then saving it from RTF as a Word file, then opening it, which didn’t work.

Carol Ann

Ah, that would be it. TextEdit doesn’t support footnotes so saving a Word file from there would strip them. All versions of Word support RTF so it’s best just to open the RTF file directly in Word (or you can ctrl-click on the RTF file in the Finder and select Open In > Microsoft Word).

Glad you got it working!

All the best,