Compiling for Literotica

Literotica accepts postings in .txt format, with BBCode for simple things, like bold and italics. Their format is block paragraphs with double carriage returns after each paragraph.

I have recently started using Scrivener and have decided to make the switch from Pages. I got rid of the double carriage returns and use line spacing to get the appearance I am used to. I like the flexibility to now compile for different formats, but I can’t find a way to add back the extra carriage return after each paragraph when I compile. Any ideas? It would be easy enough to fix up in TextEdit if I have to.

Is there any way to have the BBCode generated for bold and italics?


First, the good news:

I believe that if you select “plain text” for your output, then the setting in the Transformations section of compile called “convert to plain text” gives you the option to convert paragraph spacing. I believe this means an extra carriage return between paragraphs, but I suggest you give the various options a try to see what works best.

Bad news:

You can’t get bold & italics converted to bbcode. You’ll probably have to do that by hand. Unless…

Somewhat less bad is that if you select your text in Scrivener and then go to Format->Convert->Bold and Italics to Multimarkdown, then it will change things so that bold phrases are surrounded by two asterisks and one asterisk for italics. From there, I think the Replacements section could convert those to opening and closing bold & italics bbcodes, though it might be tricky. If you’re interested in that route, then I and a few other techie types can probably come up with the right substitution “regex” codes to do that.

The bonus to converting to MMD is if you want to compile with regular bold & italics, the Transformations section has a option to convert back from Multimarkdown during compile.

Thanks, that worked fine for the extra lines after paragraphs.

I tried the MMD, using the Convert menu to make the switch. It worked fine, but I didn’t see an undo option? Did I miss something, or do you just leave the text in MMD format?

You leave it in MMD (though I don’t think it hurts to re-apply the bold or italics style, just to make them pop visually). When you select something that isn’t a plain-text format output in the compile window, the Transformations pane will reveal more options, one of which is to convert MMD to rich text. If you have “plain text” selected as your output, those options won’t be visible, because they don’t apply to plain text.