Compiling in small caps

In the editor, I can write in small caps (transformation), I can have the first few words of a chapter in small caps. But in Scrivener 3, how do I set my compile parameters so as to have :“Part I : The title of part I” (in small caps).

In Scrivener2, we could choose the option Title appearane–> Faked Small Caps, but I haven’t yet found the equivalent in Scrivener 3.

Of course, I can always select the “as is” option and write in small caps, but this would be rather un-Scrivener like.

If the default Section Layouts don’t provide this (some do, some don’t), then take a copy of the Compile Format which is closest to what you want.

Eg: in Compiling for PDF: Modern, right click on Modern and choose Duplicate and Edit Format. A new dialogue box will appear, looking like the old V2 All Options Compilation dialogue.

The first item is Section Layouts: in that panel, click on the relevant layout (eg Part Title Page). In the panel below click on Title Options, then in the three ‘Case’ dropdown boxes, choose Small Caps. (There are three boxes because you can set the case of the Part, the Number and the Title individually. Click on the Formatting tab and you’ll get a dummy preview of what it will look like. Adjust as necessary, save, make sure you’ve allocated the Section Types to the right Section Layouts, then compile.


Thanks again for this useful tip. I’ll follow your indications.