Compiling italicized Times New Roman to Word yields obliques, not italics

Hello! I’m running into some trouble and hoping someone could lend a hand.

I have a manuscript in preparation in APA format, which makes extensive use of italics in the reference section, and elsewhere in headers and for emphasis. The trouble I am running into is that when Scrivener compiles a .docx, it creates a document in which italicized passages (using CMD-I or the Italics character button) are rendered as obliques (computed italics/slanted roman), rather than the native italic font.

I am using Word for Mac 2011. The manuscript font is Times New Roman, and in Font Book, I appear to have a complete font set installed (regular, italic, bold, bold italic).

Now, interestingly, the paragraph styles in which I have specified bold italic (some APA headers) use the appropriate font in the compiled document. I created a ‘normal’ style as my default paragraph style, to enhance my ability to reformat text if needed in Word, and italics there are on the character level, without a character style applied. However, I also notice a similar problem when compiling “no style” italicized text. I considered using an ‘Emphasis’ character style, but manually applying that character style to every italicized reference in the bibliography, when my reference manager puts styled text onto the clipboard, seems a bit effortful.

I can convert obliques to italics in Word simply enough: by selecting the text and cilcking the Italics button. Needless to say, I’d hope to automate this process (and because Word appears to read both passages as ‘Times New Roman Italic,’ I’m having a hard time creating a search and replace to do the job on Word’s end.)

Any tips? Thanks!


Scrivener 3.1.5 on Mac OS 10.14.6.

dissertation06 2020-06-11 13-43-06.png