Compiling linked multi-page pdf inserted as image tag to RTF

I am trying to get a multi-page PDF to compile to RTF but only the first page is exported, so I am wondering if this is a current limitation or I am doing something wrong. I’ve:

  • inserted the multi-page PDF in scrivener research with File > import as alias;
  • inserted that file with a image tag in a document (eg. <$img:multipage-pdf>)
  • compiled to RTF.

I can view all the pages inside scrivener if I open the pdf file, but only the first page gets exported.
Thanks for all the help!

You’ve encountered a known limitation. The image tag isn’t really intended for this purpose.

A better solution would be to convert the PDF to an image format – probably several images – outside of Scrivener, and import that, or to edit Scrivener’s output document in another tool.