Compiling Markdown files

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener and there’s a lot to learn!

I’m used to working in plain-text Markdown and have a collection of .md files I’ve imported into Scrivener. Because I continue to work with the same files in other text editors (e.g., on iPhone/iPad) I’ve set up the Sync (via Dropbox) so that I can work in either app. This is fantastic!

Now I want to Compile both HTML and e-pub files from Scrivener, but the Markdown codes aren’t being interpreted. How to I get Scrivener to render Markdown in my compiled output?

Hi, tilama, and welcome to Scrivener.

I’m sure Ioa, a.k.a "Amber V” — the guru of how to do anything on Scrivener, and power MMD user — will be along shortly to answer your question. However, as a simple scrivenisto, I have a suggestion. There is a forum dedicated to MMD questions; if you post your questions there it will reach a more targeted readership, including those who use MMD on Windows Scrivener and perhaps Linux.

I wish you luck. Scrivener is a wonderful tool and I’m sure there is a solution to your question.


Mr X


I use Markdown and MMD in Scrivener for creating my course websites.

How are you compiling? There are several options and you need to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the Markdown options including: Markdown and Markdown-to-HTML. The Markdown option will create a TXT file and the other an HTML one. (I don’t know about how to best handle ePub.) So if you’ve used one or both of these options, let us know. At any rate that’s the first place to look.

In general I use Scrivener with Marked2, a fantastic “markdown previewer”. In my case Scrivener does not handle some of the embedded HTML code I use within a Markdown text well (plus some other small problems) so I export to TXT then run through Marked2. This app is coming very soon to the app store, but more can be found here:

I should mention that my situation is fairly unique, so you probably won’t need Marked2. (Though it’s a great app to have around: it will even preview Scrivener project files before you export. Whoa!)

At any rate if you give us a wee bit more detail we should be able to help you sort things out quickly enough.