Compiling meta data

Can I format meta data on one line?

Can I chose what meta data is printed - really want to get rid of the document date stuff.

BBUUGGGGGGG When you print out keywords (characters involved in a scene in my case only the first prints out.

Have just finished Phase IV - all synopses done so expect some daft questions in next 24 hour.

Also FYI phpBB just fell over when I tried to post. Got a "Request Time-out

Server timeout waiting for the HTTP request from the client." after I had previewed and then submitted message. Nothing would get a screen back here. Just an FYI in case DB is corrupted or sommat.

EDIT: And that posted without a hitch

Meta-data can’t be formatted on a single line, no. You can adjust the font, indent, etc. in the formatting area of compile, the same as for the other elements, but each type of meta-data gets put on a separate line and that’s not adjustable, at least at the moment. There’s also no way to deal with the elements separately–it’s all or nothing. In future when Lee’s able to get variable tags into the Windows version, you’ll be able to place these into the documents (or into title prefix or suffix, in compile) to include only specific meta-data and have more control over the formatting.

Thanks for catching the keyword bug, I’ve got that on the list.

Tis my pleasure. I got rid of everything else (and did some useful formatting) in a one hour session using Word’s search and replace (the most useful thing I learnt in my degree). Word has some v weird wild card restrictions which made it bit more challenging than I expected.

OK onto Phase V - sorting out the bloomin plot holes and inconsistencies. I am procrastinating like a monster at the mo.



PS Did you see may Cards comment. I think the too-long title problem is important and I am desperate to get zero space between cards.