Compiling not working properly

I’m using Scrivener 3.0 for Windows on Windows 10, upgraded from Scrivener 1. No matter what I have tried, when I compile a chapter for printing, it never prints the entire document. If I compile it for Microsoft Word or for PDF, it will compile the entire document. But I shouldn’t have to go through hoops to compile a chapter for printing to have a hard copy. The only change I make to get it to compile in Word or PDF is to choose that as the output format.

So, what am I doing wrong? If it fails to print all of a single chapter, when I want to compile the entire book, what will the compile leave out?

What can I do to fix this problem?


If you compile to PDF, then print the result, do you get what you want?

I shouldn’t have to jump through extra hoops to compile all or part of my novel. Compiling worked without issues under version 1. Why shouldn’t it work without issues under 3.0?

The Compile function in Windows Scrivener 3 is completely different from the Compile function in Windows Scrivener 1.

It’s impossible for me to assist you if you’re not willing to help me understand what is actually happening.

If you Compile a single chapter to Word or PDF format, then print the result, do you get the output you expect?

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Yes, I get the entire chapter. What I am trying to understand is why, if I compile directly to my printer, I do not get the last several pages of the chapter.

While compiling to Word or PDF is a workaround, it still does not address the issue of why the entire chapter is not printing directly to my printer. And that is what I am attempting to resolve.

Compiling to PDF and compiling directly to the printer should be essentially the same operation.

Are you otherwise able to print directly from Scrivener, for instance with the Print Current Document command?

Yes. And that is another reason why I do not understand why compiling directly to the printer is not working properly. Print Preview works properly as well. The only other thing which I no longer can do is copy my chapter and paste it into another program such as WordPerfect (which is my word processor of choice for my non fiction writing).

Update: In my effort to solve this problem I have found out that if I choose compile for print and then print to PDF, it leaves off the end of the document. I decided to do this as I was trying out different layout assignments, and I didn’t want to waste paper. It’s very frustrating that compiling does not work properly when compiling for print no matter what I attempt. If someone could please point out to me what I am doing wrong or what I am not doing, I would greatly appreciate it.

Have you opened a support ticket?

This is not a common problem, which means it’s probably something project-specific, which means it’s best handled via our support system.

Thank you. I have just opened a support ticket. Hopefully, this issue will get solved fairly rapidly.