Compiling packet of poems

I’m trying to use Compile to create submission packets of poems. Each poem is a separate doc with a title, and the set of poems (say, five) are in a Collection.

I have a doc of ‘front matter’ that contains my name/address contact info. I would like this to appear at the top of the first page and have assigned a Section Type of “Top Page Name”. Each poem is assigned a Section Type of “Poem”.

I have the settings of for Top Page Name set as a section layout (with empty line as before and after separators). I also have a section layout set for Poem with a page break at end of section, so each poem starts on a new page. (see first screen shot below)

So far so good. For poems that are more than one page, I’d like a header on the second (and third, if applicable) page to read “Poem Title (continued)”. I have the Page Settings for the Poem Section layout set for different first pages, different after page breaks, and First Pages/New Pages with no headers and Main Body with a header of “<$sectiontitle> (continued)”. (see second screenshot below)

This works as expected, EXCEPT when the page breaks on the first poem in the list, the header reads “Contact Info (continued)” instead of “Poem Title (continued)”…Contact Info being the title of my front matter doc. The remaining poems that break across pages include the proper titled header.

Why, even though the poems are a separate section type, does it not know I’m in a new section and instead use the front matter section layout for $sectiontitle?


Can you use the separator between sections set to a new page before the next Section?

Thanks for lending a hand. That setting puts the contact info on one page, and the first poem on a new page by itself without the contact info…

So, your Top Page Section Type needs a New Line Separator After the section, and the Poem Section Type a New Page Separator Between the sections.

The choice of Header depends on pagebreaks, so this would result in the same issue.

Pragmatically, you could title the Top Contact document the same as the first poem instead of “Contact Info”.


Create a new folder, name it anything, Poems perhaps, name its section type anything, Poems will do, give that section type a page break separator (probably happens by default if it’s a folder), give the poem section type also a page break, and use <$title> instead of <$sectiontitle>. Or, if you really don’t want poems to start on a page break, use pageGroupTitle or PageGroupParentTitle (whichever works). If you want the first poem to start on a page break but you don’t want the others to do so, the enclosing Poems folder is a simple way to do that.