Compiling problem

Hello there, hope you can help.
In my project, in “Research section” (Binder), I have documents written in Courier 12-pt, but when I compile them to .rtf or .odt, something strange happens: in the .rtf or .odt files, I get some underlined lines that weren’t underlined in the source material, and Bold and Italic lines appear “different”, bigger.

But If I change the font to Times in Scrivener, everything looks good in the compiled .rtf or .odt files.

I read the manual and I tried many options in the Compile panel, but I can’t find a solution for this problem with compiling Courier documents to .rtf or .odt.
All the best,

I dug into it a bit and found out that, for odd reasons, it happens that chapters below “drag down” formatting from chapters above (bold above, bold in some chapters beloew the document, same for underlined).
Hope you can help solve the issue.