Compiling Questions

Hi. I am attempting to create my first Scrivener-made manuscript on both my iPhone and iPad but my project was originally started on the Mac OSX version. I had saved my project on Dropbox awhile ago and imported it into my iOS devices recently.

My question are as follows:

  1. Can a cover page be formatted in Scrivener? As I understand it, name and info is at top left and word count is at top right.

  2. Is there a sample template I can use for the cover page so that I can use it as the first page in my compile? I think the sample I currently have came from the Mac OSX version because it’s a PDF file and I can’t put it in the draft folder to edit as if it was my own.

  3. That same sample manuscript shows that the surname / title / page number is at the top right of each page. Is this feature included in the compile and if so how do we configure it?

Can I at least get an answer to one of my questions?

This is primarily a user forum, not a quick line to the developers (although they often answer questions). If no one is answering the most likely explanation is that other users reading your questions don’t have an answer.

I have never attempted to compile from the iOS version. I do it on the Mac. The large majority of users have the Mac or Windows version and only use the iOS version as a mobile version. I guess I’m not the only one that haven’t had reason to look into the details of how to compile from the iPad. After all, the iOS version does not have all the features of the Mac version.

oh ok thanks. i would rather compile from my macbook pro but i can’t. i signed up for apple’s osx beta. a version of sierra locked me out of my mac partition. filevault won’t recognize my password so i can only use the windows 10 bootcamp on my macbook. how ridiculous is that huh? i might as well buy a new hd.

Ugh. Sorry to hear about your Mac.

Note that you can install the trial version of Windows Scrivener in the Windows partition. That will give you 30 days of actual use, which should let you keep working while you resolve the Mac situation.


Hello, OP,

I use the. IOS version on my iPad Mini exclusively (haven’t sprung for the windows version yet.

I have formatted out in PDF form, and .RTF too. I believe there is an option when you format your manuscript to send out (i.e., to your email, etc) that you can have a cover page added to it.

Let me check.

“First Item is Title Page” – I clicked it on, and exported in two different formats but didn’t get a title page. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, exactly.