Compiling script notes while writing a screenplay.

Hi. Apologize if this has been answered elsewhere (I looked and didn’t see it).

I’ve written a screenplay and want to compile it so that the notes I have made (in the Inspector) are included at the bottom of the scene in Final Draft. (I do this especially as I start on a new draft).

I’'ve included a screenshot.

Also, I’d love to have the option to compile metadata I’ve created in Inspector. For example, I’d have things like "Whose scene is it? What do they want?). These too would appear at the bottom of the scene in Final Draft.

Thanks for all the help!

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I have not done what you wish to do, but here are some thoughts that seem relevant…

You can create a customized copy of the script compile format of your choice and there are two areas of the compile settings which would seem of interest:

  1. For a given section type, you can specify that (in addition to the body content) anything in the associated Notes area be included in the compiled output. (Presumably the note text will be added at the end of the section as you would expect.)

  2. For a given section type, you can specify that it should have some uniform /suffix/ text added at compile time. This suffix text could (I think) make use of Scrivener placeholders that will be replaced with some chosen custom metadata fields at compile time. For example, a string in the suffix specification of <$custom:mood> would be replaced by the field value of your custom mood metadata field.


Ah, I see that what I was saying there is probably not applicable to your desired output file format. So, I’ve got nothing.


Thanks GR. Appreciate you trying. I noticed that if I outputted to PDF instead of Final Draft, I could play with the settings to include NOTES and METADATA. So it’s only an issue for Final Draft for some reason.

thx again