Compiling Scrivener links

I’m trying to place a Scrivener link in a document and then have it work after Compiling to RTF the way Scrivener TOC links do. For instance, I’d like to be able to have something like the following take the reader to the referenced document:

Read about this in more detail in the More About Baking With Chocolate section.

For now, the only way I see that working is to actually have Scrivener create a TOC link and place only the page number tag in there. The page number tag works fine. The text portion, of course, doesn’t. So I end up having to do this:

Read about this in more detail in the More About Baking With Chocolate section on page <$p>.

Is there a way to accomplish what I want? The end product is to be a PDF. Nisus easily produces a PDF that honors the page number links in TOC links.

I was in the office when I posted that query, where I don’t have Scrivener or its manual installed. I had wanted to reference a section in the manual I find confusing, but that seems relevant here. It’s found in section 9.5.5 (When Scrivener Links can be Compiled):

[i]There is a useful component to exporting links which requires a chain of conditions
to be present.

  1. Link text which is solely the title of the document they link to.
  2. Enable the “Update titles in Scrivener links with prefix and suffix settings” option,
    in Compile under “Title Adjustments”.
  3. A title prefix or suffix applied to the document level that contains the links.[/i]

I just don’t find anything in Compile called Title Adjustments, so can’t work with this.

“Title Adjustments” only appears if you have chosen to have titles included in the “Formatting” pane of Compile. There is no way to have Scrivener links maintained in RTF export, but the next update will support internal links for PDF export, as Martin at Nisus was kind enough to tell me how they achieve that with Nisus.

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Hmmm…I do have Titles in Formatting in Compile. I also have Level Settings there too. But I don’t seem to have any option like that alluded to in the manual:

“Update titles in Scrivener links with prefix and suffix settings”

“Title Adjustments” is a separate pane that appears beneath the “Formatting” pane in the Options list. You must have a title prefix or suffix for that pane to appear.

I see that now. In any event, I understand that even if I followed those three listed steps, I still wouldn’t be able to get my Scrivener Links to be preserved in an RTF export.

That’s true, but I thought you were ultimately after a PDF; you should be able to create links in exported PDF files in the next version (2.3, with a beta out later this week with a bit of luck at

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Yes. I ultimately want a PDF. And I thought this new feature would appear in version 3. Now it looks like I don’t have to wait all that long for it at all. Didn’t realize you were talking about 2.3. I got a copy of Nisus so that I could get Scrivener TOC links in a PDF. Now, along with fixing the Keep With Next bug in Compile in the next version (, I can probably do all I want with Scrivener … for this particular project anyway.

New beta fixes all this. Works like a charm. Thanks! Now I can export directly to PDF without Nisus.

Great - thanks for testing! And for documents you still need to take to Nisus, the links should now work too (although note the gotcha in the release notes when it comes to Nisus - there’s a bug in Nisus which they’ll be fixing, but a workaround in the meantime).

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