Compiling sections to start on recto page

I must be missing something simple, but I cannot get this to work. I am compiling to a pdf for a book to be printed by an on-line service. I have modified the 6x9 paperback format. I have some files in the draft folder in the binder labeled as Section and some labeled as Chapter. [ I started out with only Sections, but tried calling some Chapters later, in a vain attempt to get them to compile]. I set the New Pages to start on recto for both Chapters and Sections. When I compile, the start on recto is ignored.
I am running Big Sur, and Scrivener 3.2.1

Are the sections all merging into a continuous stream of text? If so, check the separators for the appropriate section type, making sure that a “page break” is being used to create discrete parts that can then start on the rectos.

Thanks, However, each section ends with a page break [inserted in the editor], and the complier is set to page breaks before and after each section.
Any other ideas?

I would recommend removing the page breaks inserted in the text, and defining page breaks before each section – but not after – using the Compile command. Extraneous page breaks can confuse the recto/verso assignments: If you have three blank pages in between pages of text, which is the “start” page?


Thanks. But that does not solve the problem. I took out the text page breaks, set compiler for page breaks before but not after, and still each section simply begins on the next page, not a recto [unless by chance because of the page count].

I got it figured out. It was, as I suspected, an error on my part I failed to understand how section assignments and layouts were associated. NOw I understand and my project compiles as desired. Thanks to those who responded to my plea.