Compiling subheadings with Chicago Style Essay Template

I am currently completing a book-length manuscript using the Chicago Style Essay Template that comes with Scrivener for Mac, and I notice that the names I give my Text in the Binder do not appear as subheadings in the compiled document, although my recollection has it that this sometimes happens with other templates, and that is in fact what I desire to accomplish in this case.

Does anyone know a setting by which the names one gives to Text in the Binder will compile?

I am starting to fear that Chicago Style Essay was the wrong template to use for a book-length manuscript. I committed to it because I use multiple, discursive Chicago Manual Style footnotes, and that was the most important thing to get right for my workflow.

If I have to manually add headings and subheadings later that is less than ideal but more workable than shifting to another template that doesn’t do Chicago Style footnotes as well as this one seems to. Of course, I would prefer to have my cake and eat it too!

Hi, Tiberius, and welcome to the forum!

There’s no need to change the template or recreate the document. Just go to the Formatting pane of Compile and check the boxes under the Title column for the kind of document to need a title for.

Formatting pane.png

If this sounds too complicated, or if you have not yet gone through the tutorial, I’d advise you to do so. It will give you a good picture of what is compiling and what do those preferences mean.